Our Programmes

  • Education
  • Health Care
  • Environment protection

  1. Education:- Mission Education is First preferred Programme of HELO Organization. Webelieve that there is no start without education is both start as well as end to a better life it empower an individual for Success in starting and increases our awareness on issues upto end. HELO foundation education programme include Pre-School (3-6_, No formal education (6-14 year non –School going) formal education (6-14 year school going ) . it work for needy children who are under difficult circumstances, Such as poor parents infected children with HIV/ AIDS, Child labour , Children with disafilities , slum children and women education so that they get empowered . Since last uear a lot of children have directly benefitted from HELO org. and Reach upto another slum children in future by establishing various projects.

  2. Non Formal Education Program:-Those students who drop-out from School due to many circumstances our organization motivating them to go back to school , helping them catch up on studies they missed and getting them admission to school.

  3. Aware the illiterate Parents:- Convicing the parents who themselves illiterate and therefore unware of value of education , While daughter are needed to help at home and sons to help at home and sons to supplement family income.

  4. Last year impact:-
    1. Number of Children benefitted directly.
    2. Camps conducted by Volunteer Regarding Educating.

  5. Events of Activity:-
    1. Provide Book to slum Children.
    2. Aware the parents.
    3. Camp established by volunteer at Remote areas to aware people.
    4. Early children care and education.
    5. Scholarship.
    6. English Programme.
    7. Second chance.

The Main objective of Organization is that no child is without education and He/ She will stand over own in every field organization over come every barrier Regarding education of children know or in future.

HEALTH:- Health is also one of Major Problem in India . After indepandance india made a rapid Progress in health sector But various eye opening datawe see in newspaper or in Remote or slum area indicate that access to health care still remain a challenge despite accounting for one fourth of the country’s poor population, urban areas have less than 4% goverment primary health care facilities.
Our organization effort with his volunteer to bring quality health care service to door step of needy and second to Promote health care awareness and contemporary health care seeking behavior among the under priviliged.
With the help of mobile health care services our organization Reach upto many health cancious person guide them also give necessary medical help to them and seek the problems of accessibility and availability of Primary health care.

Last Year Impact:-
  1. Mobile Hospital programme benefitted ____________paitent
  2. ______Multi speciality health camp were conducted.
  3. _______________ Children benefitted from School health Programme.

  1. Health at Door Step.
  2. Health Awareness cam with doctors.
  3. Mobile Hospital.
  4. Awareness camp Ragarding non-communicable diseases like HIV, Cancer etc.
  5. Medical Help.
  6. Financial Help.
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