“Education & employment are the two main aspects usually for anyone. But gaining knowledge and taking a bold decision to setup an Non Governmental Organization (NGO) with limited resources, and with a genuine purpose of improving the living standards of the less privileged children by giving them shelter, food, healthy conditions, education. Supporting destitute elderly women by giving them food every day & instilling a hope in them that they too are wanted, struggling women with lot of responsibilities have a avenue to work and earn with dignity through tailoring centres and teaching at crèche centres.

These are only few of the activities that Mr. Malikarjuna is carrying out for the last so many with immense hard work, dedication, perseverance and with a vision to support and uplift the economically & socially deprived people. All this is happening Mr.Malikarjuna believes being available to the people all time.

Instead of a 9am to 5pm software job he chose to work constantly for his cause. Ravada Foundation has been supporting Helo in few of its activities as it has been seeing “HELO” achieving many notable milestones like setting up of an orphanage, successful implementation of midday meal, creche centres, tailoring centres, awareness programs, saving human’s lives during 2009 floods in Kurnool.

Very Nice to know that all over the world people are recognizing Helo efforts in giving back to the society that is the reason donors are coming forward voluntarily with their contributions. Ravada Foundation would support HElo Ngo for times to come and wishes Mr. Malikarjuna, his resource team & Helo that they achieve higer milestones in their genuine cause of service to people.”

R.Srinivas Kiriti
Trustee, Ravada Foundation,
3-5-821, Floor-2 Hyderguda, Doshi Square,
Hyderabad – 500 029

After having the opportunity to work with the Helo team and Mr. Malikarjuna. I would like to express what a great job they are doing. From the orphanage to the mid day meals to the old age persons, the Helo team is definitely a blessing for the people of Kurnool. I wish the team all the best and success in their future endeavours.

Aditya Vishwanathan
Professional Photographer
Bangalore 14/03/2014
“ I am glad to vouch HELO , # 46 /740, Budhawarpet, Kurnool- 5180002 Andhra Pradesh.

I know personally Mr. G. Malikarjuna, President and their organization-HELO for last 6 years. They have doing amazing work for the cause of poor and needy in Kurnool District of A.P. They are an extremely committed and passionate group, I am sure; they make a difference in the lives of the vulnerable sections of the society. I am glad to associate with the organization in all its activities.

I confidently vouch their activities & projects particularly of Joy Home Orphanage. Mid Day Meal to Elderly Women. Vocational Trainings for Sustainable Livelihoods, Creche Centers for the Kids of Working Mothers etc. and authenticate the credential of HELO. They deserve support and encouragement from the world of Philanthopy. I am that they properly utilize every penny of the donation for the right purpose and to the right beneficiary.”

Director-Society for Social Transformation, Kurnool
“I have been working as student interm with HELO for the part one year and it has been a great Journey. During this one year I have learned about life, humanity and how HELO is dedicated towards such a social cause. I can confidently say that Mr. Malikarjun has a great vision for HELO and his dedication towards upliftment of the needy in the society is unbelievable.

All the Programs that are run by HELO are closely monitored and it is not only serving people of Kurnool but also entire state of Andhra Pradesh. I sincerely wish HELO being an NGO to spread its wings to all parts of India and serve all those needy in our country.
HELO will always be special to me and am pround to be part of such NGO.”
G. Nikhita Reddy
Students of CBIT, B.E CSE Second year

“ It has always been pleasure to work with HELO. I have been working with HELO from past 2 years and I can tell that Mr. Malikarjuna has dedication towards his work and tries to help the society in best possible way. Be it children , or women, Mr. Malikarjuna aims to help them in best possible way.”
Arpanjot Singh
Student, Dehradun

“ Malikarjuna G has been running this NGO (HELO) from last 10 years. I know him in person and he has been my engineering classmate. He developed interested in social work after engineering and now he is dedicating his 50% of time for this NGO. He started this NGO with 7 under privileged kids and this NGO grown step by step with help of friends, community, philanthropists form various regions and services.

It is a pleasure and fortunate thing for me to work with Mr. Malikarjun for HELO from last 8 years to generate funds, organizing various events and activities. Some of the good works we have done so far under umbrella of HELO are
   1. Food , utensils and monetary support for Kurnool flood victims
   2. Midday meal for elderly people
   3. Distributed around 450 blankets for old people living road side.
   4. Bought TV and DVD players and rhymes CDS for kids entertainment.
   5. Distributed sweets and crackers for HELO orphans this Deewali (2013)
   6. Regular health checkup for kids………

It is been becoming tighter day by day as HELO is getting sporadic monetary support but organization does not have constant support to run orphanage. Malikarjuna and myself are working to promote adaptation of kids for food, health and education. In this program Friends and philanthropists can choose to support orphan(s) for monthly food, education expenses etc…
Thanks HELO giving me opportunity to work for under privileged kids”

Nandagopal N
Software Engineer
Ingersoll Rand , Banglore

“A privileged to be a volunteer at Helo India Ngo in Kurnool city Andhra Pradesh , India. Helo a nongovernmental organization is dedicated towards empowerment of the ladies, street, orphanas and semi orphan children, old destitute people by proving food, educational and medical support. It is also involved in mid day schemes for old destitute people, crèche for the children and materialistic support to empower ladies by generating employment.

support to empower ladies by generating employment.
It was an honour to have Mr. G. Malikarjuna as a supervisor during my volunteering. I would also like to thank the staffs at office and orphan, children and all others who have made my volunteering ease.
I wish all the success to Helo and appeal others to make difference in society by donating and helping the mankind.”
Latika Reu
Delhi , India
(M.A . Human Rights)
Indians Institute of Human Rights New Delhi.

“It was pleasure thing for me to work for HELO to generate funds and managing social media, NGO is growing rapidly and the profit of this growth can be seen on orphanage where they help. Women empowerment where they support every women. Midday meal programs organized by NGO.

I worked as a volunteer for HELO one year in 2012 to promote its NGO projects in social networking, online campaings for fundraising. I am so happy to associate with this nonprofit organization. I wish this organization to become successful its goals & objectives for the poor and needy people in Kurnool District of Andhra Pradesh.”
Swapnli Tripathi
Software Engineer Keltontech Solutions Ltd, Gurgaon

“Great to see such good work done in the community”
Shannon Maloney , IFMR- visited on 31.1.2014
Ph. D candidate in policy analysis, Pardee RAND Graduate School; M.R.P.,University of California, Los Angeles; B.S. in biopsychology, Iniversity of California, Santa Barbara
Email: Shannon dot Maloney at ifmr dot av dot in

“Really good work is being done. Happy to see it”
Parul Agarwal –visited on 31.1.2014
Research associate, IFMR, Certer for Microfinance, Chennai, Tamilnadu. email: parul dot agarwal at ifmr dot ac dot in

“It is wonderful initiative materialization of a great thought needs a lot of energy, heartful service, selfless social leads to better society.
I shall support these types of NGOs with unique model of AIM”
At the outset, the very thought of being socially associated with society and make ones presence felt in translating ideas and to transform in reality., is something which always appears to be an abstract , coz talking is something different to action , but I felt exception is in the case of Mr. Malikarjun, who is from engineering background that promises that promises lucrative career, has chosen to tread a different path by choosing a career which brings smile in destitute children and ignored elderly women.
Mr. Malikarjun really deserves a pat , who foregone jobs with herfty packages of salary, for contribution toward poor and needy, he with some like minded friends made this reality of serving society by forming an organization in the name of Health and Education life Organization(HELO) in heartland of Kurnool. The organization is running for last 10 years with meager amount that donated by philanthropists and alike , but in order to sustain its activities, organization needs more sustainable funds so that it can run effectively in the years to come and I wish its gets due recognition from government and philanthropic bodies in the form of projects to sustain and to make a better society free of ignored elderly women and destitute children.


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